About Encore

Enore opened its doors in June of 2021, specializing in RŎG and VENŪ Adventure Trailers. Our vision is clear: to introduce quality-built, off-grid campers to the mainstream RV dealer network. What distinguishes us is our dedication to innovation and durability. We take pride in producing wood-free trailers, a feature seldom seen among our competitors.

We set out to create an adventure trailer that breaks away from the norm. We decided to disregard the conventional methods used by other companies and start with a clean slate. This approach allowed us to design and build a product using non-traditional materials that are lighter, stronger, and built to last longer. We weren’t seeking an easy or quick way to bring our product to market; instead, we wanted to take our time and get it right. It took over two years to develop RŎG, and we believe our unique perspective has helped us create the ultimate adventure trailer.

The Materials

Starting with the frame, we chose to use aluminum, not only because it’s lightweight, but also because it won’t rust or corrode like the steel frames you’ll find on other campers. The frame structure is manufactured with lightweight aluminum tubing. The frame chassis, walls and roof utilize our exclusive Tri-Bond Construction where the components are assembled together first with an industrial adhesive, then mechanically fastened and finally welded, creating an incredibly strong and lightweight all-aluminum cage frame.

To further enhance overall weight savings, we opted to make every RŎG Adventure Trailer 100% wood-free. That’s right, there’s zero wood in any of our construction, instead we’ve chosen lightweight composite materials in the floor, walls and ceiling. Even our fiberglass exterior skin has a wood-free substrate utilizing lightweight Azdel composite materials. Unlike other campers that employ wood throughout their construction, there’s no chance of water damage or moisture penetration that can cause rot, mildew or mold. Lighter weight and longer lasting, that’s what you’ll find in every RŎG Adventure Trailer.

Premium Features

Continuing our completely wood-free construction, RŎG Adventure Trailers feature lightweight aluminum cabinets that are precision CNC laser cut, formed and then powder coated for a beautiful and durable finish. Cabinet tolerances are identical from trailer to trailer making production efficient and precise. Traditional campers have heavy cabinets that are made with wood or laminate coverings over a wood or particle board substrate. When our cabinets are installed in the trailer, they become an integral part of the structure creating additional strength. 

In addition, our trailers feature very large, best-in-class water tanks. Ranging from 21-54 gallons onboard, you’re sure to have enough fresh water on your adventures!

Encore RV Adventure Trailers feature premium, high-quality components throughout. Solid-surface countertops, well-appointed kitchens, and fully functional wetbaths are just a few of the top-notch amenities in a RŎG or VENŪ Adventure Trailer.

Encore partners with top brands to include in every trailer, such as; Azdel, Domestic, Timbren, Dexter and JBL.

Rugged Design

When it comes to camping, real adventures rarely take place on the paved road. RŎG Adventure Trailers have the features you’ll need when you decide to take the path less traveled. Large all-terrain tires are standard equipment helping to deliver best-in-class ground clearance. The torsion axle suspension absorbs the bumps and keeps your trailer tracking confidently behind your tow vehicle. We developed our own roof rack system that can transport kayaks, bicycles, canoes, stand-up paddle boards and a whole lot more, you can even expand your sleeping accommodations with a roof top tent. The roof rack incorporates a mounting system that enables you to quickly and easily install awnings, axes, shovels, and other miscellaneous items that you want to bring along. Our design and engineering team are always creating add-on features for the roof rack that will further enhance the versatility of this incredible system!

The Encore RV’s VENŪ 10KB Adventure Trailer is our innovative take on transforming a compact, tow-friendly camper into a source of inspiration for the innate passion in every individual. We eagerly anticipate further developments in this exceptional product line, aiming to revolutionize the camping experience for people.