12 Reasons To Go Camping

It seems like life gets more complicated and busy with the passing of every year.  As we get older, the years seem to pass us by with greater speed and if there’s one thing you can’t get back, it’s time.  It’s important to make time for yourself and for your family.  The following are just 12 of the many reasons why you need to take a camping adventure…so what are you waiting for, let’s get started now!

When was the last time you sat around a campfire and told scary stories?  Actually, when’s the last time you even made a campfire?  There’s something to be said about staring into a crackling flames of a campfire, it’s completely mesmerizing.  Throw in a scary story and it’ll be a night they’ll never forget!

It’s not always easy getting far enough away from the city lights to actually see the stars in the sky.  It’s truly amazing just how many stars you can see once you get away from it all, maybe you’ll even get lucky and see a shooting star.  Amazing sunsets and sunrises are an every day occurrence, but sometimes you find yourself caught up in the congestion of everyday life unable to really appreciate them.  Your next adventure allows you to set up camp wherever you like, so make it count!

Nature has a lot of interesting sounds to hear when you take the time to listen.  The knocking of a woodpecker in the distance, the hoot of an owl high in a tree, or the chirp of crickets in the nighttime air.  Nature has a way of delivering things you’ll never forget, but make sure you bring along a pair of binoculars so you don’t miss any of the show!

Wouldn’t it be great to look over and see a fishing pole in your child’s hand rather than a game controller or a cell phone?  Camping gives you and your entire family the opportunity to leave technology behind and enjoy a simpler life with the ones you love, who knows, maybe they’ll even catch dinner!

A lot of us start each day with a hot cup of coffee, but it’s so much better in the crisp morning air.  The smell of fresh brewed coffee at the start of your day…coffee never tastes better than when you’re outdoors!

When was the last time you just sat around and really relaxed?  The best way to recharge your body is by letting it shutdown and just relax.  Camping allows you to unplug your life and let your mind take a much needed break!

We’ve always got something to do or somewhere to be, our lives can become very hectic and driven by a busy schedule.  Camping delivers the opportunity at an adventure where you can set timelines and appointments to the side and just get lost and take the day at your own pace!

How long has it been since you really had a chance to enjoy your family?  A typical day usually has us passing by each other as we each do our own things.  When you set out on a family camping adventure it gives you the time you need to reconnect with the ones you love the most and give them your undivided attention.


Your camping advenure can include anything you like…hiking, kayaking, biking and a whole lot more.  Try something new or stick with your favorites, but when you go camping, there’s always and adventure waiting for you out there!


Nothing says outdoor cooking like S’mores or hotdogs over an open campfire.  Food always tastes better when it’s cooked outdoors, and everyone loves the chance to cook their own hotdog or marshmallow on a stick.

Can you remember the last time you saw a babbling creek or the sky’s reflection on the glassy surface of a lake?  Nothing allows you to relax more than the calming sound of a running stream or water lapping against a lake’s shoreline.  Our lives are filled with cars, computers and cell phones that drain our battery, figuratively and literally.  Camping puts you back in touch with nature and gives you a natural way to recharge your internal battery.


It’s probably been quite some time since nature last saw you.  When you go camping, you never know what you’re likely to see…or maybe what’s going to see you.  Every trip is different, but you’re certain to see things you won’t see in your own backyard!