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Dinkventures – Oregon/N.California/Nevada

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In their latest adventure out west, Chris & Alex (@dinkventures) embarked with their Jeep and the robust RŎG 12RKSS trailer, highlighting its exceptional off-grid capabilities across Oregon, Northern California, and Nevada.

Their expedition was a tapestry of off-grid explorations, encompassing visits to National Parks and remote destinations where they immersed themselves in the splendor of nature. From the verdant forests of Idaho to Oregon’s breathtaking coastlines, the towering redwoods of Northern California, and Nevada’s expansive deserts, each location offered unique opportunities for camping, exploration, and savoring the outdoors.

The RŎG 12RKSS trailer proved to be a perfect companion, specially designed to excel in diverse conditions. Its wood-free construction makes the trailer lightweight and easy to tow. The trailer’s size allows it to nestle into any area, offering convenience and flexibility wherever they ventured. The one-piece fiberglass roof prevents leaks, adding to its reliability. Constructed using our TriBond construction method—a meticulous 3-step process guaranteeing a quality build meant to last a lifetime—the trailer provided durability and peace of mind as they navigated rugged terrains and faced varied weather conditions.

They trekked through winding trails, set up camp under starlit skies, and discovered hidden gems off the beaten path, proving the versatility and reliability of the RŎG Adventure Trailer in diverse terrains and environments.

We are so appreciative to Chris and Alex for generously sharing their journey with us and showing the world what the RŎG can do! From breathtaking landscapes to exciting off-grid explorations, their experiences are sure to inspire and captivate! Make sure to follow us at: @encore_rv and @dinkventures on Instagram for more content!