HABiTrail is the new and exciting camping experience available exclusively from Encore RV.  HABiTrail takes family camping to an entirely new level of family fun by providing not only expanded sleeping accommodations, but also by allowing you to move freely between two incredibly roomy and comfortable Roof Top Tents. The flexible “Transporter Tube” allows adults and children to easily travel between roof top tents, one on your camper, the other on your tow vehicle.  Need to move your campsite, there’s no need to breakdown your HABiTrail Roof Top Tents.  When you keep your speeds below 5MPH you can safely move your tow vehicle and camper, the flexible Transporter Tube can fully articulate even in the tightest of turns. 

When you’re looking to expand the camping accommodations in your Encore RŎG Adventure Trailer, look no further than the HABiTrail Roof Top Tent system, it’s the easy way to bring the entire family along and enjoy the great outdoors. 

HABiTrail Transporter Tube

It’s flexible and it’s fun…the HABiTrail Transporter Tube is the easy way to move between the HABiTrail roof top tents.  The Transporter Tube is 36″ in diameter and allows natural light to pass-through the durable reinforced urethane membrane.  The surrounding PVC structural skeleton of the tube has a built-in continuous LED light system that can change colors and not only keeps things well-lit at night but can also display a light show that will entertain the entire campground.

You can control the light system from a blue tooth mobile app that allows you change the colors, create unlimited patterns of chasing lights, or pulse to your favorite music.  There’s a switch at each end of the tunnel that allows campers in either roof top tent to turn the lights on or off.

HABiTrail Roof Top Tent

Easy to setup, the HABiTrail Roof Top Tent is as simple as unlatching the top and allowing the gas assist struts to lift open the tent…that’s it, no hassles, no problems, it’s just that simple.  Each HABiTrail Roof Top Tent has a built-in Climate Control Center that features 5,000 BTU’s of air conditioning and 5,000 BTU’s of heat making the HABiTrail Roof Top Tent all-season capable.  The Climate Control Center is powered from built in Lithium Batteries with 1000aH of power…EACH!  The roof of the HABiTrail Roof Top Tent features 800 watts of solar power that recharges the Lithium Batteries so you’re never without A/C or heat.

The exterior cover of the HABiTrail Roof Top Tent is manufactured with an exterior layer of windproof and waterproof Gore-Tex and an inner liner made of Ripstop Cordura 8000. Sandwiched in between the two materials is a space-age layer of lightweight, flexible insulation called Sola-Guard R45 that was created by NASA for use in the Space Shuttle to help reduce heat during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.  This renders an amazing R-45 insulation value, unheard of in Roof Top Tent, let alone an RV.

Encore RV worked in conjunction with Sleep Number to create a unique mattress for the HABiTrail which features a true queen 60″ X 80″ mattress with two adjustable zones so you can dial in the perfect level of firmness.  The mattress also features Sleep Numbers “DualTemp Layer”, this active air technology delivers enhanced airflow performance and ultimate comfort. Each side of the mattress can be individually controlled allowing you to sleep 35% cooler or warmer!  Because the Sleep Number system uses air, the entire system weighs a fraction of a standard RV mattress and can be quickly inflated or deflated, taking up less than 2″ of space.  Everyone in the family will be wanting to sleep in the HABiTrail!

The roof top tent is available in many different color combinations to choose from matching your HABiTrail perfectly to your RŎG Adventure Trailer

GraphicS Color Options

HABiTrail Roof Top Tent System

MSRP starts at - Includes (2) HABiTrail Roof Top Tents, Transporter Tube and LED Light System
$ 13,995