RŎG 21BPG Adventure Trailer

Elkhart, IN – Encore RV continues to push the envelope of design and engineering.  Founded in 2020, Encore RV manufactures the RŎG line of Adventure Trailers, a segment of the RV industry that has continued to find growth despite the recent economic slowdown.  Every RŎG Adventure Trailer features a 100% wood-free construction on an all-aluminum tube frame built in-house by Encore.  Lightweight composite materials replace the wood commonly found in traditional RV floors and CNC laser cut aluminum is formed and powdercoated to create the rugged cabinets in every RŎG Adventure Trailer.

RV dealers across the United States and Canada have come to appreciate Encore’s unique approach to product development.  Company founder, Rich Schnippel stated, “We don’t like to be tied to traditional design, there are plenty of companies out there filling those needs.  At Encore, we’re far more comfortable taking the less traveled path, one that evokes excitement and passion.”  There’s no doubt that Encore enjoys pushing the boundaries, their all-new RŎG 21BPG is an astounding example of their ability to create non-conventional products that not only look great, but truly perform.

The RŎG 21BPG, which stands for Bumper Pull Gooseneck, is a unique Adventure Trailer that delivers all the extra space found in a fifth wheel/gooseneck trailer but tows easily behind any vehicle with a bumper pull hitch and open truck bed.  The absence of the traditional fifth wheel hitch leaves the tow vehicles truck bed completely open and available for storage, you can even use your truck bed cover without any interference.

The innovation doesn’t stop with what you see on the surface, Encore has partnered with an aerospace technology company whose name they refused to divulge, in developing what may be one of the greatest advancements in RV manufacturing in recent decades.  The 21BPG has a dry weight of just 2,675 lbs., this was achieved by hermetically sealing every aluminum tube on the trailer frame and then pressurizing the tubes with helium gas through a proprietary valve system.  “We were able to reduce the weight of the trailer by 43% utilizing the helium gas…this is proving to be a real game changer in RV manufacturing,” Schnippel explained.

Don’t let the ridiculously low dry weight of the 21BPG fool you into thinking this isn’t a fully featured RV. Amenities in this intelligently designed floor plan include two spacious bedrooms, a large kitchen, four-person dinette, living room area and a bath and a half.  The combination of lightweight materials and Encore’s proprietary helium system, called HF² which stands for Helium Filled Frame, allowing the ability for smaller vehicles to pull much larger RV’s.

Encore plans on beginning production of the RŎG 21BPG as a 2024 model sometime in August of this year.  Schnippel added, “This is an excellent opportunity to bring new customers to the adventures of RV’ing where they’re not required to upgrade to a large tow vehicle, HF² is a technology that might possibly change the landscape of RV’ing for generations to come.”  For more information please contact Encore RV at info@encore-rv.com or call 574-327-65421